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Please call (501)-605-8500 or email for detailed information on childcare availability.

To secure a position for your child, please complete the items below:

   Print, then complete and sign the Childcare Enrollment Form below.
    Attach a copy of your child's current shot record (n/a for school-age)
    Include a $65.00 check payable to MCELC for Annual Registration
    Bring enrollment forms to the center from 630am-530pm, Mon - Fri.


INFANTS—Parents will provide:
1.  Infant formula, baby cereal and food until your child is ready to eat table food. 
2.  A labeled bag that closes securely and contains disposable diapers, wipes, 
    diaper cream, bottles for each feeding/sippy cups, formula, and adequate changes of 
    clothes, including socks. Please label all items.
3.  Infants may bring special blankets for rest time.  Please ensure these items are 
     washed at least weekly, more often if needed.  .

TODDLERS (18-36 mo) & AGES 3-5—Parents will provide:
1.  A labeled bag that closes securely and contains diapers/pull-ups, wipes, and diaper
    cream (as required).
2.  A full change of seasonal clothes, including underwear and socks.  We request that
    these remain at the center. Please label all items.
3.  A standard-size crib sheet and cover blanket for rest time.  A small pillow or favorite
    sleep item may also be brought, but all blankets/personal items must fit in the child’s
    bag.  Blankets should be taken home weekly to be washed and returned.
4.  Please, no other personal items or toys.